As your business plans for reopening, you might be looking for sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE), identifying other businesses to partner with for certain recovery tasks, finding additional funding, and more.

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The State of Delaware has not vetted this information. The data on this page is self-reported information provided by the suppliers and has not been independently verified. The information provided does not represent an endorsement of any kind by the State of Delaware of those businesses, products, or services listed in the directory. Please conduct appropriate due diligence to verify the information on this site prior to contracting for products or services.

Be Aware of Price Gouging

Under the Delaware State of Emergency Declaration, companies and vendors are prohibited from charging a price for consumer goods that exceeds 10% of the average price that those goods were sold preceding the date of the emergency declaration – March 12, 2020. Learn more on the Delaware Attorney General’s website and stay alert.



  • This data set provides information on what a potential supplier has the ability to provide, and the contact information for the supplier.
  • See Responsible Purchasing below for things to consider when seeking to purchase products and services specific to COVID-19.


FDA Pulls Approval for Dozens of Mask Makers in China – Tests have shown many imported masks perform far short of N95 filtration standards.

See the most current list of authorized imported, non-NIOSH Approved respirators manufactured in China.

These authorized respirators should be used in accordance with CDC’s recommendations.

Delaware Department of Justice (DOJ)

Report Price Gouging


If you have questions or concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, e-mail the Delaware Department of Justice at:

EPA List of Disinfectants Against COVID-19

Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website that lists disinfectants that are approved for use against the (SARS-CoV-2) virus which causes COVID-19 disease.
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  • Search by EPA registration number to find if the product you have is approved for use against the virus, or
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Delaware Business Licenses

Businesses licensed in Delaware that may offer a product or service you need.
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If you plan to…

  • Have property or a business location in Delaware
  • Have employees working in Delaware, or
  • Generate sales in Delaware

…then you will need to register your business with the Division of Revenue by applying for a business license.

Office of Supplier Diversity

Look to see if a business certified with Delaware’s Office of Supplier Diversity offers a product or service you need.
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  • In the search box enter a keyword related to the product or service
  • For maximum returns on your search avoid being overly specific
  • Example: “cleaning” rather than “sanitizer”

Is a business certified with Delaware’s Office of Supplier Diversity?

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MyMarketplace – Delaware’s Procurement Portal

Businesses currently holding a contract with the State of Delaware that might be able to provide a product or service that your business needs.
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  • Simultaneously press [Ctrl] & [F] on your keyboard
  • Dependent on your browser, a Find will open at the top or bottom of the webpage
  • Type in a keyword such as cleaning
  • Matches for cleaning will be highlighted on the webpage
  • Click on the vendor’s name to open a window with contact information

Delaware Division of Small Business

The Division of Small Business is a service-focused agency committed to helping businesses start and grow in Delaware.
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Responsible Purchasing

Things to consider when seeking to purchase products and services specific to COVID-19.


  • Solicit quotes from multiple sources to identify current fair market values
  • Request identification of lead times
  • Is product on hand or on the way?
  • Is a pre-payment percentage required and if so it is reasonable?
  • If an alternative product is offered ask for documentation supporting equivalency / effectiveness?
  • Is there a prohibition on order cancellation or returns?
  • Is there a warranty?
  • When dealing with a business for the first time:


Get More COVID Data

For more data on Delaware COVID cases, testing and outcomes, including demographic breakdowns, go to My Healthy Community