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Product Supplies:

Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Face Shields, Gloves, N95 Mask, Gowns, Please email me for a current list. Can't upload as a picture.

About this Business

Duns Number: 116626154

SAM Number: 87MY9

Medical Supplies Quantity: Please email me for a current list. Can't upload as a picture.

Delivery Time: more than 72 hours

Delivery Time Over 72 Hours: ~7 days

Medical Vendor: Yes

Medical Supplier: Yes

Medical Warehouse: Yes

Use Third Party Vendors?: Yes

Primary Contact Information

Contact Name: Jay Wagamon

Phone: 302-745-2207




16850 Millstone Dr
Milton, DE

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Be Aware of Price Gouging
Under the Delaware State of Emergency Declaration, companies and vendors are prohibited from charging a price for consumer goods that exceeds 10% of the average price that those goods were sold preceding the date of the emergency declaration – March 12, 2020. Learn more on the Delaware Attorney General’s website and stay alert.