This page is being updated, please bear with us as we update the site. Please check the Governor’s latest State of Emergency, which went into effect on May 21, 2021 at 8am, for more information on mask requirements.

Delaware updated requirements for school buses, social distancing in schools, and remote learning as part of the COVID-19 Order issued on May 12, 2021.


  • Beginning with summer programming, schools shall refer to CDC guidance on school buses when transporting students. The CDC recommendations advise schools to create distance between children on school buses when possible.
  • Masks must be worn on buses at all times, except when doing so would inhibit the individual’s health.
  • Schools should seek to minimize student to student contact, which could include loading buses from back to front, assigning seating, and opening windows (safety permitting).
  • Districts and charters should encourage families who can drive their children to do so.

Social Distancing in Schools:

  • Students and staff must maintain a minimum of three feet apart with face coverings, including when seated at desks or standing in classrooms. Desks must be arranged so they are facing the same direction. If tables are used, students must be seated a minimum of three feet apart with face coverings.
  • Beginning with summer programming, students must be seated a minimum of three feet apart when eating. Masks must be worn until students begin eating, and put back on when students are done eating.

Remote Learning:

  • Districts and charters may continue operating a remote learning option for the 2021-22 school year. Implementation of such a program will be up to each school district or charter, but must comply with applicable laws and regulations.


Read the full COVID-19 order Read the CDC’s K-12 Guidance

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