Delaware's Second Dose Vaccine Plan

The state is committed to ensuring all Delawareans receive their second dose by Day 42, unless federal guidance recommends otherwise. While the science shows that the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine provides 52% to 80% protection DPH also believes it’s important to get Delawareans their second doses to be fully vaccinated.

With the state’s current vaccine supply, we must continue to strike a balance between offering first and second doses.  We recognize that committing to providing second doses, will inevitably slow the rate of offering first doses to eligible Delawareans. Vaccination providers have an obligation to provide second doses of the vaccine to those who it provided a first dose.  We are asking our vaccinating partners to prioritize completing the vaccination series for individuals who received a first dose from them, and then with their remaining allocation strive to balance first doses to eligible persons and second doses for individuals who received a first dose elsewhere. Ongoing vaccine availability constraints may limit the number of first dose appointments available, or the availability of appointments for second doses who received a first dose elsewhere.

Learn more below about where to get your second dose.



Delawareans please be careful. There are reports about a potential phone scam in which scammers are claiming to be from the State of Delaware offering the COVID-19 vaccine for a cost of $75. This is false. Hang up & do not provide any personal or financial info. Please report these calls to the Department of Justice Consumer Protection Unit at or by phone at (800) 220-5424.


When Should I Get My Second Dose?

It is currently recommended that people receive a second dose as close to the recommended timeframe as possible:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine – no earlier than 21 days after the first dose
  • Moderna – no earlier than 28 days after the first dose

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states if it is not feasible to get the second dose in this time frame, you can get it up to 42 days after the first. Based on current federal guidance, if the second dose of the vaccine is given after the 42-day window, the vaccine series will NOT need to be restarted.


Where Can I Get My Second Dose?

You should expect to receive your second dose in the same location as your first.  Due to limited supply, it may not be exactly at 21 or 28 days.  It may be closer to 42 days. Some sites may not make second dose appointments in advance.  Others may need to cancel an appointment if supply is not available, and let you know how it will contact you when supply becomes available again.  However, if you are able to find your second dose at a different location, sooner than from the original location, you should take it.  You need to make sure you are getting the same type of vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna).   As vaccine supply increases, you should be able to get your second dose more easily from a variety of sources.



Lost Your Vaccine Record Card?

To request your immunization record for your first dose you should send an email to (subject line: Lost Vaccine Card) and include your full name and date of birth when requesting proof you received your 1st dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.


Do you or someone you know want to register for the state vaccination waitlist and do not have regular computer access? Contact our call center at 1-833-643-1715

Report Vaccination Violations

Submit complaints about a vaccination provider by using this form, if you think they are violating any of these requirements.

Additionally, any health care provider who intentionally or willfully provides or distributes, or who supervises someone who intentionally or willfully provides or distributes the COVID-19 vaccine to any individual who is not authorized to receive such vaccine pursuant to the Vaccination Guidance is guilty of unprofessional conduct as defined in Title 24 and may be subject to licensure discipline. Send your complaints to Division of Professional Regulation about this conduct.

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