It’s important for individuals to complete race and ethnicity sections of the vaccination registration, or immunization form, only to ensure that the population of Delawareans being vaccinated reflects the diversity of our state. Completing this information is how we measure whether we are reaching all Delawareans.

Initially, DPH and the Delaware Public Health Medical Ethics Advisory Group (Ethics Group) reviewed the CDC list of prioritized population groups to determine allocation and distribution of vaccine(s). The Ethics Group recommendations were made based on which groups are most at risk due to how the virus is transmitted (close contact, indoor facilities), the severity rate of the virus in the community, and based on the prioritized population groups. Delaware’s vaccination program is fully open. That means all Delawareans 12+ are eligible for the vaccine.

The State has worked with pharmacies throughout Delaware, and specifically in underserved areas, to ensure there is access in every community. The State also works closely with partners to ensure we are ‘meeting people where they are’ – at trusted community centers, in apartment buildings, religious institutions, and more.

Additionally, both Delaware’s COVID Vaccine Task Force and the Communications subcommittee include representation from organizations representing communities of color and incorporate their feedback into weekly vaccine distribution planning.

As vaccine supply has increased, the State has ramped up vaccination efforts. The vaccination program is open to all Delawareans 12+.

It’s important that we continue the mitigation methods we know that work as we get people vaccinated including wearing a mask, washing your hands, continuing to social distance, and getting tested.

To find the nearest testing site to you, visit:

The Division of Public Health (DPH) offers a variety of vaccination options. We have expanded vaccination clinics and events held in communities. Most vaccination events do not require an appointment, and you can walk-up to receive your vaccine.

Photo ID is not required in all circumstances to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. You will receive a card marking the type of vaccine you received and the date it was received that will have your name and location of the vaccination event on it for your personal use, and as a reminder for your second dose. Getting a vaccination will not affect your immigration status.

For those with questions or concerns about the process of getting a COVID-19 vaccine, please e-mail or contact the Division of Public Health Vaccine Call Center at 1-833-643-1715 (press option 3) between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm Monday – Friday.

Individuals aged Kindergarten and up are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering while visiting any indoor business or space open to the public in compliance with CDC guidelines and recommendations, but there are some exceptions where masks are still required.

Unvaccinated individuals and children aged kindergarten and up not eligible for the vaccine should continue to wear face coverings.

Masks are required if you:

  • Are an employee or rider on public transportation, or a school bus, paratransit vehicle, taxi, private car service, or ride-sharing vehicle.
  • Are an employee, patient, resident, or visitor at any healthcare facility. That includes, but is not limited to, hospitals, medical clinics and offices, special care facilities, medical laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, blood banks and blood drives, or facilities providing veterinary care and similar healthcare services for animals—unless directed otherwise by the healthcare provider.
  • Are an employee or visitor at a long-term care facility. Residents of such facilities should wear face coverings as recommended by the CDC. If a resident and the resident’s visitor are fully vaccinated, face coverings do not need to be worn if the visit occurs in a private area.
  • Are an employee of a home care agency.
  • Are an employee or visitor in a state agency that fall within the Executive Branch under the Governor’s authority, even if they are fully vaccinated. These agencies include:
    • Delaware Department of Agriculture
    • Delaware Department of Education
    • Delaware Department of Correction
    • Delaware Department of Finance
    • Delaware Department of Health and Social Services
    • Delaware State Housing Authority
    • Delaware Department of Human Resources
    • Delaware Department of Labor
    • Delaware Office of Management and Budget
    • Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
    • Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security
    • Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families
    • Delaware Department of State
    • Delaware Department of Technology and Information
    • Delaware Department of Transportation (including DMV locations)
  • Are an employee, resident, inmate, or visitor at any correctional or detention facility or a homeless shelter.
  • Are an employee, student, or visitor inside any child care home, center, or school, except for meals, naps, or when doing so would inhibit the child’s health. Face coverings are not required for employees at times when there are no children in the facility. If outside at a child care home or center or at a school, face coverings are not required. Caregivers at child care homes and centers, and educators at schools, must supervise use of face coverings by children to avoid misuse and monitor compliance.

Report Vaccination Violations

Submit complaints about a vaccination provider by using this form, if you think they are violating any of these requirements.

Get More COVID Data

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