Message from the Governor

As your Governor, it’s my responsibility to make sure every eligible Delawarean has access to this lifesaving vaccine. Vaccines are a public good, provided to the state of Delaware by the federal government, which means we have an obligation to make sure they are available to all our citizens. I believe we must be intentional in our efforts to ensure that the population of Delawareans being vaccinated reflects the diversity of our state. With your help, the plan outlined below will get more members of Delaware’s minority community vaccinated. It will also help reach those who may have limited access to transportation or technology, and who may need assistance accessing the vaccine. This plan is the result of weeks and months of conversations with diverse Delawareans. It has continued to evolve and improve as we learned more about what works and what didn’t, and as our vaccine supply increased. Thank you for your partnership in this critical effort.


John C. Carney

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The Plan.

Equitable Pathways to the Vaccine

Delaware has a multi-part plan to ensure equity in the state’s vaccine distribution process. Delawareans need multiple pathways to access the vaccine. Learn more about these venues, communications and outreach efforts to reach underserved communities, and the state’s efforts to provide complete and accurate vaccination data.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Fixed Community Sites

Rotating Community Sites

Provider Partnerships

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Fixing Technology Challenges

The Division of Public Health (DPH) is analyzing existing race and ethnicity vaccination data and working with providers to improve data reporting.

The Governor signed an order to require vaccine partners to provide race and ethnicity data for every person they vaccinate. However, in many cases, providers aren’t used to collecting this information, and technology challenges are preventing them from transmitting this data to the state. DPH is working with those providers to address these technology challenges and providing solutions for alternative collection methods. For example, several providers currently transmit race and ethnicity information to DPH in a separate file, which requires the state to enter the information manually.

It’s important for individuals to complete race and ethnicity sections of the vaccination registration, or immunization form, only to ensure that the population of Delawareans being vaccinated reflects the diversity of our state. Completing this information is how we measure whether we are reaching all Delawareans.


Vaccine Tracker

See vaccine data on My Healthy Community, including how many doses have been delivered and administered.

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Get More COVID Data

For more data on Delaware COVID cases, testing and outcomes, including demographic breakdowns, go to My Healthy Community