Delaware’s COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook is a detailed plan on how the vaccine will be distributed

Delaware began planning for the implementation of one or more COVID Vaccines in late August/early September 2020. The document called Delaware’s COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook is the state’s framework for how it is implementing the rollout of the vaccine to residents. The document includes logistical and planning considerations. It is a living document that is updated as conditions change and we know more. An Executive Summary is included for those who do not want to read the entire document.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Delaware’s COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook

See Delaware’s Draft Framework (Updated 4.6.21)

When Can I Get the Vaccine?

The Allocation Plan is more focused on answering questions around who will get the vaccine and when. It discusses the ethical and planning considerations involved in vaccine allocation to ensure fair and equitable distribution statewide to protect Delaware’s residents.

Allocation Plan

Delaware COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force Members

DPH is also sharing a list of the COVID-19 Task Force Member organizations. The Task Force serves in an advisory capacity to DPH as it continues to plan for vaccine distribution statewide.
Task Force Members





Stats on COVID-19

For more data on Delaware COVID-19 cases including demographic breakdowns, go to My Healthy Community