Phase 3 of the economic reopening is delayed. Most people are wearing masks and social distancing in public, helping their neighbors and the economy by doing so. Join them so we can enter Phase 3 soon. More Info logo

Phase 3 (Coming Soon)

As we continue through the summer, here is information related to Phase 3 of Delaware’s reopening. Details on a Phase 3 start date are coming soon. However, below are the details for child care in Delaware when the phase does begin.

In Phase 3, child care continues to remain open to all families. Child care providers wishing to operate during Phase 3 must follow DELACARE regulations and the additional requirements developed by the Office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) and Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH).

The requirements remain largely unchanged from what was required during Phase 2. Here are some of the details for child care during Phase 3:

  • Additional outside contractors will be allowed during child care hours
  • Maximum group size in place
  • Screening protocol and questions
  • Cleaning and sanitizing requirements
  • Cloth face covering guidance and usage
  • Social distancing and safety requirements
  • COVID-19 Child Care preparedness plan to have on site

 Read more about what the Phase 3 plan means for child care programs at this link.