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Information for Child Care Providers

Your commitment to Delaware families has remained steadfast during these very uncertain times. We know you have been faced with many challenges, but you continually rise to the occasion. Below is key contact information to help you throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


For Questions on COVID-19 Cases and Cleaning Protocol:

  • If a child or employee tests positive for COVID-19, contact the Division of Public Health at 1-888-295-5156 or to discuss next steps. Facilities with positive cases should contact DPH for cleaning guidance specific to their facility.
  • If you are an emergency child care site that needs help with cleaning supplies or equipment please fill out the supply form. You can also email

Questions about payment?

For general questions about the state’s enhanced reimbursement please reach out to Tina Shockley at For questions specifically related to payment processing, please email

The purpose of the funding is to help child care facilities to continue to pay staff and purchase supplies to meet the additional restrictions and requirements.


Enhanced Reimbursement Information for June:

  • Facilities that were open in Phase 1 will continue to get their enhanced reimbursement at the normal rate and using the previously established formula.
  • Facilities that were closed for Phase 1 that are reopening will receive enhanced reimbursement for the first part of June based on their status for Phase 1 and the second part of June based on their status for Phase 2.  Please note:  June applications must be submitted with the site’s status for Phase 1.  The system will automatically calculate assuming an open status for Phase 2, and manual adjustments will be made through confirmation calls for any sites that did not open during the last two weeks of June to reflect the ongoing closed status. Programs may receive different amounts of enhanced reimbursement for the month of June depending on their status.
  • Facilities that are staying closed for Phase 2 will receive enhanced reimbursement based on their status as either paying staff or not paying staff.  Effective July 1, enhanced reimbursement will no longer be paid to child care facilities that remain closed.

Payment information for the month of July:

  • Purchase of Care:
    • Child care programs open as of July 6 will receive purchase of care reimbursement (POC) based on enrollment.
    • Child care programs that open after July 6 will receive POC reimbursement based on actual attendance.
    • The Division of Social Services will pay parent copays for the month of July.
  • Enhanced Reimbursement: Child care programs that are open as of July 1, will receive the previously established enhanced reimbursement rate for an open facility (formerly referred to as essential).  Programs must be open for the entire month of July in order to receive these funds from the state.

Payment information for the month of August:

  • Purchase of Care: Beginning in August, all child care programs will receive purchase of care reimbursement based on attendance and parents will be responsible for copays.
  • Enhanced Reimbursement: Program details for August have not yet been decided.


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