Myth or Fact?

Masks are effective against COVID-19.


Fact is – masks are effective at reducing transmission of COVID-19 when worn consistently and correctly.




Here is a list of studies and sources to reference on the effectiveness of masking.

  • Research shows that under most circumstances, mask wearing has no significant adverse health effects on the people who wear them (CDC, 2021).
  • Masks are primarily intended to stop people from spreading droplets that contain the virus, which is especially important people who are asymptomatic or presymptomatic. These people may feel well and may not know they are infectious (CDC, 2021).
  • While all masks provide some level of protection, properly fitting masks provide the highest level of protection. Wearing a highly protective masks are important for certain higher-risk situations, or for some people at increased risk for severe disease (CDC, 2022).
  • Community mask wearing is an effective non-medical way to reduce the spread of this infection. It is effective in preventing someone from spreading or getting the virus (JAMA Network).
  • Face masks can be safely worn by all children 2 years of age and older, including the vast majority of children with underlying health conditions, with rare exception (AAP, 2022).



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As always, if you have questions about COVID-19 or the vaccines, you can always ask your health care provider.


Stats on COVID-19

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