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Manufacturers Resource Guide

Manufacturers looking to aid in the development of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the State of Delaware, please find guidance below on standards, methods, and testing protocols. The resources and standards shown below are approved by the State of Delaware to utilize as guidance for the creation and distribution of PPE.

Please Register on (non-state link)

The information on this page is primarily sourced from the ASTM website (non-state link) please register for a free no-cost public access account on the ASTM website. This no-cost public access account will allow you to access the details and downloadable PDFs that correspond with the guidance showcased for each item listed below.

How to Sign Up on

  • Go to the ASTM website
  • Click the Yellow Access Standards button on the ASTM Standards & COVID-19 homepage
  • Access the Reading Room page and click on the yellow “Open Reading Room” button
  • Read the ASTM License Agreement; if agreeable, move forward
  • Follow directions from there to sign up
  • Review Guidelines for the products you plan to manufacture

Approved Testing Methods

Read the testing guidelines acceptable for the use of PPE products within the State of Delaware. Detailed outlines of each method can be accessed with the no-cost public access account described in the above section.

Approved PPE Style Guide

Review the PPE Style Guide.

I can help with supplies

Let the State of Delaware know the type of PPE you can provide, how quickly you can deliver it, and how many of each item you can create within a specified period

Approved Guidance per PPE Resource

Each standard referenced below can be accessed in specific detail with a non-cost public access account on the ASTM website. All manufacturers interested in doing business with the State of Delaware should review each standard listed below in detail and adhere to the standards as outlined.

A note from the Delaware Division of Public Health: The Medical Director has approved the ASTM International standards with the following caveats:

  • Standard Specification for Performance of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks (Designation F2100-19): these are specifically for general use.
  • Standard Practice for Respiratory Protection (Designation F3387-19): pay special attention to section 4.2 Exceptions.

Mask Standards (Approved)

  • F1862
  • F1494
  • F2299
  • F2101
  • F2000

Gown Standards (Approved)

  • F2407
  • F1868
  • F1671
  • F1494
  • D6701
  • D5587
  • D1776
  • D1683
  • D5034
  • D751

Glove Standards (Approved)

  • D6977
  • D6319
  • D5250
  • D3578

Hand Sanitizer Standards (Approved)

  • E3058
  • E1174
  • E2755

Respirator Standard (Approved)

  • F3387