Writing my own vaccination story


Getting my vaccine (PDF version)
Girl sick in bed

COVID-19 is a virus that has made many people very sick. Some people have died.

COVID-19 vaccine needle

Now there is a vaccine. The vaccine is in a shot.

COVID-19 virus

The vaccine shot puts medicine in my body to keep me from getting COVID-19.


Calendar and clock

When it’s my turn, I can get the COVID-19 shot to stay healthy.


I will go to a doctor’s office or the drug store to get my shot.

Person waiting

I will check in when I arrive, sit, and wait for the nurse to call my name.


Person getting cloth rubbed on arm

I will roll up my sleeve. The nurse will rub a cold wipe on my arm. It might smell funny.

Person getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot

Then the nurse will give me the vaccine shot. It will feel like a pinch or a prick. I will sit very still.

Person with a bandaid on their arm

The nurse will put a band-aid on my arm.


Person waiting

I may need to wait to make sure I am safe and healthy to go home.


After the nurse tells me it’s OK, I am done for today. Now I can go home.

Two COVID-19 vaccine shots

I need 2 COVID-19 vaccine shots to stay healthy.



I will come back in 3-4 weeks to get the second shot.

Person getting their second COVID-19 vaccine shot

When I come back, I will go through the same steps to get my second shot.

Person with a headache

After the shots, my arm may be sore. I may have a headache or feel tired.


Thumbs up

I will feel fine after a couple of days.

Person wearing a mask

I will still need to wear a mask for awhile.

Happy person surrounded by thumbs up

I did my part to stay safe and keep others healthy!

Stats on COVID-19

For more data on Delaware COVID-19 cases including demographic breakdowns, go to My Healthy Community