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Medical providers will have an important role in vaccinating their staff, and volunteers. Health care systems will be asked to identify sub groups of employees, and make decisions on who to recommend for earlier vaccination based on such factors as job role and health-related risk factors. DPH will require plans from any organization wishing to provide vaccination for its staff on-site, and will work with them to identify potential vaccinators within the state. Below are resources to assist you in your planning efforts.



Vaccine Wastage is required to be reported.

Prior to wasting any doses, please call the Immunizations section at 302-744-1060. If a vial is dropped and broken, this is considered a wasted dose and can be reported without contacting Immunizations. All other wasted doses need to be confirmed with Immunizations before disposing of the doses.

Pfizer wastage/other wastage reporting:

Pfizer vial contains 6 doses, if provider is unable draw the 6th dose, this dose is considered a wasted dose and must be reported as a wasted dose using the wastage form attached and emailing or fax 302-739-2555.

If a provider has a question as to whether the vaccine is viable or not, please contact manufacturer (Pfizer/Moderna links below) or Immunizations at 302-744-1060 before determining that the vial/doses are not viable



COVID Vaccine Return Form




On April 13, CDC and FDA recommended a pause in the use of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine due to reports of adverse events. Pending further notice, the following operational guidance should be implemented:

Approximately 220,000 J&J/Janssen doses will be delivered today, Tuesday, April 13, as scheduled. Please receive, inspect, and store these deliveries.


  1. Existing J&J/Janssen inventory at your enrolled provider sites should be held between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F) and labeled “Do not use. Awaiting guidance.”.
  2. Follow vaccine storage practices and continue to monitor and document storage unit temperatures.
  3. Unfilled orders for J&J/Janssen submitted prior to this guidance will be held until further notice.
  4. No new orders for J&J/Janssen will be accepted at this time.
  5. No J&J/Janssen doses should be administered at this time.


As a COVID-19 Vaccination Provider with Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine, please immediately implement the following CDC operational guidance until further notice:


  1. Mark any Janssen/J&J vaccine in your inventory “Do not use. Awaiting guidance.”
  2. Continue to store the vaccine in the refrigerator between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F).
  3. Follow vaccine storage practices and continue to monitor and document storage unit temperatures.


Further guidance will be made available after CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meets on Wednesday, April 14.


Additional resources:


Moderna Call Center:

1-866-MODERNA (1-866-663-3762)

General Moderna Questions

Healthcare Provider Questions (clinical)

Product Quality or Technical Questions

Pregnancy Registry

Note: Call center volume, per Moderna has an approx. call volume of 200 calls/hour during peak operational hours of 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. EST

Provider Reimbursement

For most providers, Delaware Medicaid (DMMA), and our partner MCOs (Amerihealth Caritas of Delaware and Highmark Health Options) will be using the Medicare Fee Schedule rates for COVID-19 vaccine administration. Additional guidance will be forthcoming for certain providers subject to alternative fee schedules due to federal regulation, such as FQHCs.

Any provider planning to bill for COVID-19 vaccine administration should ensure that they are enrolled DMMA and with both MCOs. See Enroll with DMMA here. See here and here to enroll with MCOs and view CMS GuidanceFind HRSA reimbursement information

Find HRSA Reimbursement Information.


Report Vaccination Violations

Submit complaints about a vaccination provider by using this form, if you think they are violating any of these requirements.

Additionally, any health care provider who intentionally or willfully provides or distributes, or who supervises someone who intentionally or willfully provides or distributes the COVID-19 vaccine to any individual who is not authorized to receive such vaccine pursuant to the Vaccination Guidance is guilty of unprofessional conduct as defined in Title 24 and may be subject to licensure discipline. Send your complaints to Division of Professional Regulation about this conduct.

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